ACTS Programmes

  • Sponsorship Programme

    The ACTS Sponsorship Programme enables children to access quality education and thereby enhances their chances of a secure future.

  • Special Needs Programme

    Through this programme ACTS addresses the requirements of special needs children in its target area.

  • Lunch/ Porridge Programme

    7 ACTS commissioned mothers make porridge daily for over 400 students in different primary schools.

  • Medical Programme

    When ACTS sponsored students fall ill and their families are unable to help, they are treated free of charge by Doctors who have supported the ACTS cause over many years.

  • School Support Programme

    Through this programme ACTS channels support towards improving the standards of schools in its target area

  • Desk Programme

    'Get Off the Floor Programme' aims towards improving the conditions of learning through the provision of desks in government schools in the ACTS target area.

  • Fundraising & Marketing Programme

    ACTS interacts continuously with the local community and organizes fundraising activities, such as the golf tournament, which is held annually in December and raises substantial amounts of money.

  • Libraries Programme

    As many children have no access to books and the chance to enjoy reading, ACTS has set up this programme to help schools establish libraries and stock them with reading books for all age groups.


Upcoming Events

  • Cooking for a cause Cooking for a cause
    ACTS is trying to raise some much needed funds by asking family, friends, supporters, donors and anyone we think might… […]

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  • ALL money donated to the Student Sponsorship Programme goes entirely to student fee sponsorship.

    All other ACTS programmes are funded by specific fundraising and donations for these purposes.

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